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If you’re a small business owner, staying on top of your bookkeeping can be a huge hassle. There are also financial and legal consequences should you make mistakes. If you operate a small business, you should use Quickbooks! Here’s why:


It’s Easy To Use

Because Quickbooks has been around for such a long time, they’ve had a lot of time to fine-tune it. This means that the end-user experience is about as simple as it could be. Menus and options are all extremely easy to find and laid out intuitively.


Additionally, the software comes with training. Depending on the level of package you purchase, you can take online classes or even receive one-on-one training with a professional.


Quickbooks Integrates Well

Another popular reason to use this software is that it has been designed to work seamlessly with other software products. Because it is the industry standard, other systems such as POS and inventory management have been developed to interface with Quickbooks. This takes the strain off of keeping purchasing, receiving, income, and overhead data straight.


If you work with a CPA, Quickbooks is likely to be their software of choice as well. This makes communication and outsourcing your financial bookkeeping as easy as it can be.


You Can Generate Reports And Data, Fast!

The program’s tools allow you to quickly and painlessly generate reports on just about any financial data you would need. If you are looking to apply for a loan, for example, Quickbooks can aid you in generating data for a business plan. This keeps you from having to learn other software such as Excel, or manually inputting data and creating charts and graphs.


It’s Easy To Customize

The program is designed to be super simple to customize to meet your needs. There are hundreds of customized accounting packages based on different industries. From non-profits to restaurants to industrial manufacturing, there is a template out there for your needs.


It’s Affordable

Quickbooks is incredibly affordable. Software prices start at $15/month for sole proprietors and top out at around $1200/month for large-scale businesses. The pricing depends on your industry and the size of your business, as the program features scale with your needs.


Quickbooks Makes Payments Easy

With Quickbooks, you no longer have to worry about waiting on checks for invoices, or for payroll processing. Incoming and outgoing payments can all be routed through Quickbooks to your bank account.


This means that at the push of a button, you can pay your payroll, or collect invoices, or pay your vendors. No more juggling dozens of different accounts.


How To Use Quickbooks

Quickbooks is the industry standard for business bookkeeping for a reason: it’s a stable, high-powered, and proven product that has helped millions of businesses keep their finances straight.


If you are looking for a professional accountant or one-on-one training, contact us at today!