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Our monthly bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services streamline your processes and save you time so you can focus on running your business.

Less Headaches. More Time.

As a business owner you have more to worry about than bookkeeping, financials, forecasting and payroll. You started your business to do what you love, let us take care of the numbers.  Doerhoff & Associates has one goal in mind, to provide a comprehensive approach to business accounting services.

Designed With You In Mind

Every business owner has a unique set of needs for accounting services. We provide only what you really want and need. Let our comprehensive set of services fill the gap and support you so you can grow.

Focus on the unique talent that convinced you to start your business in the first place while we handle the numbers.
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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Streamline your day to day accounting, bank reconciliation, financial statements and forecasting.

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Support for QuickBooks

Unlock the full potential of QuickBooks for your business with one of our Quickbooks ProAdvisor Accountants.

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Business Advice & Planning

Get the guidance you need to face the challenges of going to the next level in your business.

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Our Blog

Examining hidden financial risks for small businesses

5 Hidden Financial Risks for Small Businesses 

By Small Business Advice

The word “risks” can strike fear into the hearts of anyone, especially small business owners who have a lot on the line in their small business enterprise. But in business, as in life, taking prudent risks can be beneficial, even energizing. The reality, as many business leaders have offered, is that taking risks is a key, even inescapable part of business. There are indeed various risks including financial risks for small businesses. Importantly, as Mark Zuckerberg has stated, “The biggest risk…

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Business owner working finances build equity in a small business

How to Build Equity in a Small Business 

By Small Business Advice

Every business is created not merely to exist but to reach some goals that are established by its owners. Those goals can include survival for a newly established business or during a time of crisis, growing sales, growing market share, and growing profits. All these take planning, skill, and effort but as American economist, Benjamin Graham stated, “The worth of a business is measured not by what has been put into it, but by what can be taken out of it.”…

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Small business owner holding box of donations participate in charitable giving

Why Your Small Business Should Participate in Charitable Giving 

By Small Business Advice

According to SCORE, about 75 percent of small business owners participate in charitable giving. They reportedly donate about 6 percent of their profits each year to charities. They contribute in support of youth organizations, donate to first responders, support local service organizations like the Rotary, for example, and they donate food and service time to places like soup kitchens and food banks. Clearly, charitable giving is valuable, but it must be approached wisely.  The Benefits of Charitable Giving  The benefits of charitable giving include:  First,…

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Business owner holding money average small business profit

What to Know About the Average Small Business Profit 

By Small Business Advice

Every small business owner must focus on their business dreams, goals, and the essential struggle to secure an average small business profit. As Jason Fried, Founder and CEO of Basecamp stated, “A business without a path to profit isn’t a business, it’s a hobby.” And speaking even more bluntly, Hendrith Vanlon Smith, Jr., CEO of Mayflower-Plymouth said, “In business, profitability is a non-negotiable. If a business isn’t profitable, it’s worthless.”   Why is A Small Business Profit So Important?  Earning a profit is vital because profitability…

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Small business owners looking through financial records tax season accounting CPA

What Does Tax Season Look Like for Small Businesses? 

By Accounting Advice

Small businesses pay taxes by defined due dates each year, but tax season shouldn’t be considered as only a short run-up to the due dates. Rather, tax season should be considered a year-round “season.” Taxes are complicated and the penalties for mistakes, delayed payments, or missed payments can be severe, so it is wise to get professional assistance to take care of your small business tax obligations properly and proactively. Waiting until the last minute will limit money-saving options and complicate the preparation needed. …

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Small business people teamwork refocusing at start of another year evaluation strategic direction

How to Prepare Your Small Business at the Start of Another Year 

By Small Business Advice

A new year is upon us. As any good football, basketball, or soccer coach would advise, “start strong.” So, prepare your small business for success in another year by starting strong.    Why Start Strong?  By starting strong, you get a surge of momentum that helps you not fall behind on your goals as the year progresses. Starting strong can help employees be more motivated and energized. A strong beginning means refreshing goals, recharging, or even redirecting the organization. It…

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