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If you’ve never seriously considered it, there are some significant advantages to outsourcing. Most types of businesses would benefit a great deal by at least some level of outsourcing. For starters, you can maintain much better control of your operational expenses, you can achieve greater continuity and predictability for your business, you can manage risks better, and you can even improve the balance between your work life and your home life.

In most cases, you’ll also find that it costs you less to outsource specific activities to companies that specialize than it does to have them performed in-house by dedicated personnel. Here are some of the functions you could outsource, in order to begin enjoying some of these business advantages.


Payroll preparation

Some businesses continue to manage their payrolls in house, believing that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and should be done by company employees. However, there are a number of very reliable payroll services which guarantee that same level of confidentiality, but provide a lot more value as well. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about mistakes on payroll calculations or potential tax audits. You can also eliminate one or more full-time positions by outsourcing, which means you can free up those personnel to focus on other business areas.


Increasing conversion rates

There’s been a great deal of buzz in recent years about trying to increase sales by converting prospects into legitimate, loyal customers. You could spend a lot of time and resources attempting to improve your own conversion rate, but it probably makes more sense to outsource this to a company which specializes in the process, and can virtually guarantee you more conversions.


Administrative tasks

Small business owners typically spend big chunks of their day managing endless details required by normal business operations. To avoid this unnecessary expenditure of time and effort, you can use software which focuses on scheduling employee tasks, and make use of a virtual assistant to handle email responses, manage appointments, and take care of many other recurring tasks which take you away from more pressing business issues.



Accounting or bookkeeping is one area of your business where you just can’t afford to make mistakes. When you outsource this function to a firm which specializes in it, you will be liberated from many of the requirements of business bookkeeping, but you’ll also probably have a lot less worry about the accuracy and completeness of your company accounting.


Content marketing

If you don’t have someone on your small business staff who writes well and who can represent your company to the general public in a polished manner, this is a no-brainer – you should outsource your content writing to a firm which makes it their specialty. Companies like these have excellent writers and strategists who have been schooled in the art of crafting and maximizing your message to your target audience, so that you can reap the business rewards.

You need all the help you can get to run a small business successfully.  Doerhoff & Associates is happy to help.  We strive to provide what you really want and need, a unique and customized set of services to fill the gap and support you, the business owner.