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Our monthly bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services streamline your processes and save you time so you can focus on running your business.

Less Headaches. More Time.

As a business owner you have more to worry about than bookkeeping, financials, forecasting and payroll. You started your business to do what you love, let us take care of the numbers.  Doerhoff & Associates has one goal in mind, to provide a comprehensive approach to business accounting services.

Designed With You In Mind

Every business owner has a unique set of needs for accounting services. We provide only what you really want and need. Let our comprehensive set of services fill the gap and support you so you can grow.

Focus on the unique talent that convinced you to start your business in the first place while we handle the numbers.
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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Streamline your day to day accounting, bank reconciliation, financial statements and forecasting.

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Support for QuickBooks

Unlock the full potential of QuickBooks for your business with one of our Quickbooks ProAdvisor Accountants.

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Business Advice & Planning

Get the guidance you need to face the challenges of going to the next level in your business.

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tax responsibilities for cryptocurrency

How Should You Report Cryptocurrency on Your Taxes Next Year?

By Accounting Advice, Small Business Advice

Cryptocurrency or “crypto” is a digital form of exchange, not a physical currency. In this form of exchange, values and transactions are stored online in databases that use strong cryptography to secure transaction records, verify the transfers of ownership, and control the creation of additional crypto. The records are maintained by a decentralized system instead of by centralized authorities.   The idea of cryptocurrency has been around for many years, but the concept became reality in 2009 with the launch…

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How This Year’s Tax Return Can Help Next Year’s Tax Filing

By Accounting Advice

Good tax results come from good tax planning. And it’s simply the truth that this year’s tax returns can be beneficial for next year’s tax filing. This Year’s Tax Return Can Help Next Year’s Tax Filing It may be tempting to submit your annual tax returns and then not think about taxes for another year. But there is a better way. Planning ahead can save time and hassle next year and the learning gained in this year’s tax filing can…

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Child tax credit

What To Do About The “Child Tax Credit” Notice From The IRS

By Accounting Advice, Small Business Advice

As part of the stimulus law, there was a provision added that required IRS to begin distributing the child tax credit on a monthly basis for certain taxpayers.  This is nothing more than sending you a monthly check for the child tax credit you received in the past when you file your income tax return.   Many people are confused and think this is another stimulus check (money they never got before).  Here are a few things to consider:  …

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Why It’s Important to Keep Business Expenses Separate

By Accounting Advice, Small Business Advice

A key thing that every small business owner should do is to keep his/her personal and business expenses and all other finances separate.   Who Must Keep Personal and Business Finances Separate?   If a business is formed as a corporation, it is considered a separate legal entity so all finances and business expenses must be separated. If a business is formed as a sole proprietorship, there is no legal distinction between the business and its owner. Therefore, all profits,…

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mile tracking app

How Tracking Your Miles Can Save You Money

By Uncategorized

Everyone should want to save money on their income taxes, right? Tracking business travel miles is one of those ways. For those who qualify for a mileage deduction, a mile tracking app can be a simple and reliable solution to get the deduction credit that you deserve.   Who Qualifies for a Mileage Deduction?   Formerly, most businesses and many individual taxpayers were able to deduct business miles from their income tax filings. However, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…

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Smart Ideas for Spending Your Tax Refund

By Accounting Advice, Small Business Advice

So, you have filed your annual tax forms and this year you get a tax refund. Yahoo! You are one of nearly 80 percent of Americans that get a refund on their tax returns. But what does that mean? What are Tax Refunds? Tax refunds are not a “lucky strike” or a surprising bonus. They represent a payback of an excess amount that taxpayers have remitted to the government as documented on their tax returns, essentially an interest-free loan to…

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