Think Differently.

At Doerhoff & Associates you're not just another number. Our solutions are tailored so you see the real world impacts to your bottom line, and think differently about your business.

Strategy. Tactics. Bottom Line.

When Bert Doerhoff graduated years ago he came out with no money and all the related struggles. After working for an international CPA firm he left to start his own CPA practice back in 1978. With no staff and no clients he started a firm simply with a passion to help small business owners succeed. Along the way he saw business owners struggle to convert their business ideas to an ever increasing cash flow. He set out on a path to research and develop certain key services that could be packaged separately in a unique way to fit the needs of every small business owner.

Unparalleled Staff

One of the most important assets of our firm is our staff. After years of searching the firm has assembled a team of caring, compassionate individuals with unique expertise to help every client achieve the goals they went into business to achieve.

Unique Approach

Our goal is to provide what the small business owner really wants and needs.   We offer a unique set of services that fill the gap and support the business owner. Some call it small business accounting, bookkeeping service, outsourced accounting, CFO services, income tax savings, Quickbooks help, etc.  We call it a unique customized package of services designed specifically for you and your business.

Let us provide you with more time to focus on the unique talent that convinced you to start your business in the first place.

Business Startup

We help you develop a firm financial foundation for your new business..

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CFO & Accounting

We provide day to day accounting and ongoing business strategy advice.

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Quickbooks Help

We help unlock the full potential of Quickbooks for your business.

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Exit & Succession

We guide you through the challenge of exiting or selling your business.

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